Welcome to our Free Online Bible Studies!

These Online Bible Studies are provided at no charge to you. You may freely download and complete them at your own pace. We encourage you to complete them and send them in to us. We will then review them, and upon verification of completion, send you a signed, “Certificate of Completion.” Bible study does take time, and we would like to honor you for your diligent work.

We suggest that you start with the “Salvation Bible Study” first. (We require this study be done first, for those earning certificates).  We also suggest that you use a “King James Version” of the Bible in these studies. It is what was used to create these Bible Studies and will make it easier for you to find the answers to the questions. All Bible Studies, that we did not write, are used by permission; and credit to the author is at the bottom of these studies.

You may print out and send your completed studies to: Faith Baptist Church,  585 Second Ave. North, Carrington, North Dakota 58421; or email us an attached copy of your completed “PDF Bible Study” to Biblestudies@VisitFBC.com

 Bible Study #1 – Salvation Bible Study.