Missions and Evangelism

  US Flag small  Reaching out to the United States of America

Joseph and Ginger Sturtz – Evangelism / Pastoral and Church Support

Timothy and Jane Silcott – Evangelism / VBS / Ventriliquism

Camp VictoryBible Camp in Harvey, North Dakota

Hephzibah House – Ministering to Teenage Girls

Bearing Precious Seed – Bible Printing/Distributing Ministry located in Milford, OH.

South Africa       Reaching Out to West Africa

Aquila Darimani – Missionary to Ghana, West AfricaGhana

 Benjamin and Jackie Reimer Family – Missionaries to Liberia, West Africa     liberia

Philippines map    Reaching Out to South Asia

Cheryl Dyck – Missionary the Philippines    philippines

europe    Reaching Out to Europe

John and Nikki Glenn Family – Missionaries to the US Military in Italy    italy

Mike and Sarah Frueh – Missionaries to Nagykanizsa, Hungary   hungary

North America   Reaching Out to North America

Will and Cindy Klassen Family – Missionaries to the Mennonites in Mexico. mexico

south-america   Reaching Out to South America

Jeff and Nancy Klein Family – Missionaries to the Mapuche of Argentina and Chile   argentinachile